Climb Out of The Cubicle is a future-focused coaching practice.  

We focus on personal development, achieving goals and successfully navigating through life’s transitions.

But what is coaching?

Coaching evaluates your current situation and looks to the FUTURE!
Coaching does not try to “fix” you. (Because there is nothing wrong with you!)
Instead, coaching gives your the opportunity to apply strategies to various situations.
Coaching is a nonjudgmental environment that allows you to break free of societal (family, academic, professional, etc) restrictions in order to achieve your goals.

With whom would I work?

Amber is the mastermind  behind Climb Out of The Cubicle.  For a long time, she felt trapped – trapped in a crappy job, trapped in a world she didn’t want, trapped in someone else’e world.
Does this sound familiar?
After years of living a life she didn’t care about, Amber climbed out of her cubicle, and she created the life of her dreams.   
Amber can help you do the exact same thing!
As a coach, Amber is an outsider.  She doesn’t have preconceived notions of who you are (or you are “supposed” to be).  She gets to know you as you are TODAY and brings solutions for your specific situation.

I’m not sure if this is for me.

It’s really scary to invest in yourself.  Trust me.
But, if you have ever felt stuck or like you don’t know what move to make next, shoot me an email.  We can work together to identify your true goals and set realistic timelines to create the life you actually want!
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